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Deep Dive DEI

Workshop Style Presentations

Experiences designed to expand your view of the world around you. 

We integrate research, empathy skill building, and practical ideas in digestible and validating sessions. 

Through our sessions, you will develop tools to continue strengthening your connection to your team, your community, and yourself. 


How deep are you ready to go?


Identity, Oppression, & Empathy | Anti-Racism |  Gender & Sexuality | Microaggressions | Power, Privilege, & Fragility

Custom Workshops Available by Request

Test the Waters

(1 Hour)

Lecture style presentation that covers the general overview or a specific aspect of your selected topic.

Perfect for a conference session, a short work meeting, or if you are trying to see if Deep Dive DEI is right for you. 

Dipping Your Toe

(2 - 3 Hours)

Participants will connect personally to the subject matter and gain a greater understanding of themselves and others.

Lecture style presentation and at least one transformative Deep Dive DEI exercise.  

Shallow Dive

(4 - 5 Hours)

  Participants have the time and space to gain tangible early skills to disrupt oppressive cultural norms. 

Participants will be challenged to begin identifying DEI concepts in real time.

 Lecture style presentation, transformative Deep Dive DEI exercises, and real time empathy skill training.

Deep Dive

(6 - 7 Hours)

Participants will be challenged to look internally at their implicit biases and begin the early stages of reimagining their organizational culture in relation to the subject matter.

Lecture Style Presentation, transformative Deep Dive DEI exercises, real time empathy skill training, and deep individual personal reflection and integration of transformative DEI concepts.  


(12+ Hours)

Explore the depths of a certain topic. 

Long term series or retreat style experience designed to transform participants understanding and behaviors around a certain topic.  

Presentations, transformative Deep Dive DEI exercises, real time empathy skill coaching, personal reflection and integration, and dialogue facilitation will occur throughout the experience.


"Syah B. facilitated a powerful DEI training for our nonprofit's board, staff, and instructors. Syah has an amazing presence, passion, and lived experience that impacted us all. Syah leads with empathy and we explored our identities.  We practiced active listening. And we discussed microaggressions, the cycle of oppression, and how to work towards dismantling this. We still have a lot to learn, a lot to practice, and a lot of action to take, but Syah set up a strong DEI foundation for us to build from and grow."

Ford Church (He/Him)

Founder and Executive Director

Cottonwood Institute

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