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Deep Dive DEI

Group Dialogue Facilitation

Experiences tailored to facilitate stronger connection between teammates along with personal healing.  We create secure environments to facilitate the openness needed for a team to show up as their authentic selves and develop the skills to improve collaboration. 

Dialogue Spaces                   

A space designed for all team members to participate regardless of social affinity. 


Team Building

 Cross-Cultural Communication

Navigating Difference and Conflict

Empathy Skill Building

Healing Spaces

A space intended for people who self-identify as a member of a marginalized group of a specific DEI related topic.


Strengthening Connection to Self

 Identifying and Advocating for Needs

Developing Empowering Concepts of Self

Empathy Skill Building

Resiliency Spaces

This group is intended for people who identify as a member of a privileged group of a specific DEI related topic.  


 Unpacking Implicit Biases

Challenging Beliefs and Behaviors

 Developing Resiliency Skills 

Empathy Skill Building

What Are Affinity Spaces?

Affinity is a feeling of connection or closeness to another person based on shared interest or identity.  In this case, affinity spaces are spaces dedicated to participants who share social identities such as race, gender, or sexual orientation.  


Affinity spaces allow participants to focus on the needs and challenges specific to their affinity group. Often times, these spaces allow for more emotionally honest conversations and provide time and space to deep dive into healing and resilience.

Affinity spaces combined with mixed affinity dialogue spaces, allow for a full rounded experience.  Through practicing empathy skills, cross-cultural communication, and advocating needs, teams can build greater connection, trust, and thoughtful communication skills. 


"Syah has brought out the best in our team! DEI work is emotional and you have to get vulnerable in order to be able to do it well. Syah has certainly helped us do that. What started out as an education on pronouns has morphed into deep conversation from the cycle of oppression, to whiteness, and so much more. The entire team is excited to continue the journey in 2022 and we could not have found a better person to partner with than Syah."

Melissa Poole-Knight (She/Her)

Director, Finance & Business Operations

City Attorney’s Office | City and County of Denver

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