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Our Values

Our vision for an inclusive, empowering and sustainable workplace is based on our values.  We believe transformative workspaces create room and encourage authenticity, joy, collaboration, and leadership for their employees and partners. 


We find the beauty in individuality.  We appreciate the vulnerability of honesty.  We follow our personal ethics to encourage all people to be their real selves.


True self-empowerment is grown in a nest of safety and wellness (health).  We create room for creativity around challenges and celebration for our successes.  Joy is the source of true inspiration.


We believe empathy fuels connection.  That diversity of identity and experience creates a strong community.  That everyone deserves recognition and appreciation for their contributions.


We are committed to our continued education and advocacy for issues that impact historically marginalized communities.  To increase our flexibility and expand the effectiveness of our service.  To redefine and reclaim our understanding of excellence.

Our Approach

To create a truly transformative experience, we incorporate the following elements in our program and activity design.  These elements are fueled by our values and allow for deep immersion and integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion concepts and best practices.

Experiential. Our services focus on developing practical skills that increase one’s awareness of implicit bias, ability to communicate effectively, and develop positive social habits.

Empathy Building. Genuine, lasting change starts from within. Our services involve personal exploration and connecting to a range of emotions. We aim to unpack and reframe long held beliefs that create unsustainable work environments for marginalized people.


Realness. We embrace and encourage authenticity and vulnerability. Our services aim to reveal hard truths in ways that can be received, followed by the emotional support and action steps to best work towards your goals.


Intersectional. Our approach aims to be holistic of the social and personal needs that impact lasting cultural change in your workplace. We acknowledge the multiple layers of oppression that create unsustainable work environments for marginalized people.


Tailored and Flexible. One size does not fit all. After your initial consultation, we propose options that fit your needs. Our services are adaptable as needs change and as more issues present themselves.

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