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Our Community

Deep Dive DEI Services works with leaders of various fields to enact lasting cultural changes in our society.  Our collaborators have worked directly with us to expand our mission to transform workplace culture for employees and consumers.  Our clients range from nonprofits, schools & universities, conservation & environmental organizations, government offices, and more. 

Our Collaborators


Our Clients


"Working along Syah B. Consulting was the best collaboration I have ever experienced with another professional. I would recommend Syah B. Consulting for any of my clients that are looking for transformational change among their board and general organization. This company has the expertise to get the job done. I have never met professionals that were so organic, thorough, and motivational.  I couldn’t ask for a better contact when a client needs resources and skills that I can’t provide. I always look to the work being done with Deep Dive DEI."

Leander Lacy (He/Him)

Founder & CEO

Lacy Consulting Services LLC

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