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Syah B. (She/They)

Founder & CEO

Syah is a creative strategist, able to design and facilitate transformative experiences that expand one’s awareness of themselves, other cultures, and oppressive systems. Their goal is to shift our standards for workplace culture to be more sustainable and empowering for marginalized communities.  A seasoned social justice educator & dialogue facilitator, Syah is able to use their counseling psychology background to unveil hard truths in intentional ways that can be received, processed, and acted upon.

Syah's Areas of Expertise

Power, Privilege, and Oppression

Identity Development

Healing & Resiliency Building

Racial Identity & Justice

Gender Identity, Expression, and Sexual/Romantic Orientation

Intersectionality of Identity

Addressing Microaggressions

Dialogue Facilitation

Effective Cross Cultural Communication

Creating and Maintaining Welcoming and Inclusive Spaces

Mental Health

Nonprofit Organizations

Community Organizations

Schools, Universities, & Youth Programs

“What I've seen in my empathy coaching is leaders actually reconnecting to themselves in their lives. And I don't think people realize how disconnected we really are from ourselves and our values and what fuels us and what drives us to do any type of work, and when we can have compassion for ourselves, we now understand what compassion can look like. And we can actually spread that to other people.”

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