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Embrace Authenticity
Transform Workplace Culture

Ready for a Deep Dive into DEI?


Embracing Authenticity Maximizes Your Effectiveness 

Social injustice is deeply imbedded in our culture, impacting the way we connect to others, navigate the world, and work together.   You're in a place where you can recognize that conversations around identity and oppression are becoming an obstacle to meeting your personal or organizational goals. 

Syah B. Consulting works with leaders committed to transforming their work environment so the entire team can bring their authentic selves to the table, thereby increasing employee job satisfaction, maximizing creativity in problem solving, and preventing culturally insensitive missteps. 

We are experts who create & facilitate transformative experiences that expand  one’s awareness of  themselves, other cultures, and oppressive systems.  We find opportunities for cognitive dissonance through experiential learning to allow people to integrate the knowledge and skills attained through our activities, into action.

Are You Ready for a Deep Dive?

Our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is designed to meet leaders where they are in their social justice journey.  Whether you're looking to dip your toe into the basics or submerge into healing, resiliency, and action, our experiences challenge you to transform your workplace culture to be more affirming, collaborative, and effective for team members of all identities. 

How deep are you ready to go?

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