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Describing the transformative experience of Deep Dive DEI is difficult.  We believe change happens first on an individual level, then our communities, and eventually our systems.  Our services not only educate, but create meaningful and lasting change for our clients.  Read their experiences for yourself. 


“As a new Black-and-queer-led organization, we have to prioritize building safe relationships with other stakeholders and collaborators. Syah B. Consulting helped us immensely in this process, facilitating conversations between our group and another that made it possible for us all to hear each other and work toward better understanding. Though we speak collectively now, a huge component of the process was its emphasis on speaking for ourselves so that all perspectives could be considered one at a time. The DEI Deep Dive empowered us as a unit and as individuals, and we highly recommend this service to anyone seeking it out.--”

LEGACY: A Black Queer Production Collective

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